Our Programmes and Activities

Sports Program


We, SoRYAfrica uses sports to nurture talent and also, as a tool for fostering peace and harmony within the community, bringing together different young people having them interact and create social relationships and as they grow emotionally and physically.

Art and Culture Program

Art and Culture

The platform for art and culture is nurtured through fine, performing and creative arts programs.

Here, youth and women share, learn, connect and develop their talents.

Urban Farming Program

Urban Farming

Youth and women are helped identify free space for creating farms for vegetables for their own consumption and also be used as an income generating activity. Community schools are also part of the program.

Wellbeing Club Program

Wellbeing Clubs

These are clubs formed within the community among peers, through different groups within the community to help support and improve lives of vulnerable members within the community especially women and girls.

Podcast Program


These podcasts are designed to motivate young people. they feature those who have gone thorugh life and made a difference through courage, resiliency and integrity. They include entrepreneurs, storytellers, educators, writers, leader and many more.