About SoRYAfrica

Society for Refugees and Youth in Africa (SoRYAfrica) is a National Non-Governmental Organization that fosters UN SDGs in Climate Change, Peace, Health and Gender equality without discrimination of age, gender, nationality or any state of disability through the provision of sports, arts, education, agriculture and cultural exchange.  

The Organization also fosters recreational programs platforms for empowerment and character development for Children/Orphans, Youth and Refugees whom are talented and oblivious (students), school dropouts, single parents as a result of rape or broken families due to the ravages of alcoholism and many other challenges that caused their vulnerability.

Our Vision

An empowered generation of youths and women in a responsible society

Our Mission

To empower youths and women through sports, art and cultural exchange by discovering, connecting and promoting talents for greater job opportunities in a responsible society

Our Core Values

Solidarity and Partnerships

We embrace diversity, work together as a team, and commit to our sisters’/brothers’ keeper. We firmly stand with Refugees, Women and Youths on addressing inequality and violation of human rights.


We continuously nurture and enhance an enabling and dynamic environment full of respect for personal, professional and institutional growth and development.


We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, transparency, accountability and uprightness, and pledge to do the right things even when no one is watching.


We are committed to the highest of professional rigour, authenticity as well perpetual improvement of self and service standards.

Passion and Courage

We love, respect and care for ourselves and others, we boldly support Refugees, Women and Youths from vulnerable communities to attain their full potential, dignity and social justice.


We are devoted to creativity and learning as a foundation for change; we continually search for new ideas, venture out of our comfort zones and don’t shy from taking bold actions when needed.

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“Keep Hope Alive”