SoRYAfrica aims to foster UN SDGs on Climate Change, Peace, Health, Gender equality, clean water and sanitation without discrimination of nationality or any state of disability through the provision of Sports, Arts, Education, Promotion of Cultural exchange and Agricultural Development.

Dignity Is Our Business

Empowering the most vulnerable in the journey to a dignified life.

SoRYAfrica has made tremendous achievement contributing significantly to the nation’s efforts aimed at promoting Gender Equality, Women and Youth Empowerment to enable them lead better, quality and dignified lives.


Refugees Reached

Women Empowered

Youth Impacted



How We Work

To fulfill the SoRYAfrica mission we work with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that create economic opportunities, improve health, provide enlightenment through education and inspire engagement and service to refugees, women and youth from vulnerable communities.

Within these programmatic areas, we have developed projects standing on the following pillars : 

Our Process



We are continuously carrying out Research on the dynamic challenges of the vulnerable women and youth as well as those with disabilities. This educates us to what the needs are on the ground.



We design and develop proactive and comprehensive programs with clear step-by-step guidelines to achieve the highest impact and best results to the community that will go a long way in empowering the subjects.


With our team of dynamic and qualified staff we execute our programs and achieve the best long-term benefits to the vulnerable women and youth.



At SoRYAfrica our engagement does not end at the project phase, we do carry out follow-up to check progress of all our beneficiaries to help them keep up with the programs.

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Engagement Areas

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the Society for Refugees and Youth in Africa’s (SoRYAfrica) guiding principal that connects all of our programs and activities.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a fundamental development objective, and is essential to enabling women and men to participate equally in society and in art and cultural development.

Society for Refugees and Youth in Africa (SoRYAfrica) is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in vulnerable communities by creating platform for more art and cultural exchange development programs and opportunities.

Environmental Conservation

In line with Sustainable Development Goals, we at Society for Refugees and Youth in Africa (SoRYAfrica) play a role in the areas of environmental conservation by mobilizing the community to participate in community cleaning and tree planting exercise.

We also educate communities on the importance of conserving the environment and its effects.

Peace and Reconciliation

Society for Refugees and Youth in Africa (SoRYAfrica) is dedicated to promote peace in societies for sustainable development.






SDG Goals


At SoRYAfrica, we work with likeminded organizations, companies and individuals by tapping into a creativity, energy, innovative ideas and projects that empowers a generation of youths and women.

The overall success of SoRYAfrica will be measured through number of cultural exchanges done between refugees and citizen youths, the number of trees planted, peace and gender equality campaigns done, women and youth empowered, and job opportunities created by 2030.

Our Partners

We work with strategic partners among those below to achieve high impact in all our engagements.

Safaricom - SoRYAfrica Partner
Sarova Hotels - SoRYAfrica Partner
The Village Market -SoRYAfrica Partner

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